About Us

We are a diverse group of elders with decades of life experience. It’s likely that the troubles you’re facing in life today has been experienced by one or more of our elders, in the past. Whether the problem is drugs and alcohol, abuse, criminal behavior, depression, trauma, or inter-personal communication issues, we can help. Come to our Peacemaker Circle and get the help or guidance that you seek.

The intent of the Peacemaker Circle is to help our people gain a sense of belonging and to help heal. Our practitioners are all respected members of the community that are either retired professionals or continually active in the community.

No Beginning, No End…
A circle of community

  • Peacemaking is aimed at restoring and healing and is not used to coerce
  • The Peacemaking Circle is an alternative to formal tribal court proceedings
  • The community and all individuals have roles in the process and all are to be treated with respect
  • The peacemaker’s role is to ensure all are treated fairly and with respect and are given the opportunity to participate fully
  • Peacemaking proceedings are confidential
  • Participants cannot divulge or be forced to divulge any information about what happens in a healing or talking circle, it is the customary rule